About Us

“Towing Near Me” is your Emergency One Stop Shop for your vehicles. We provide towing and emergency repair services in your locality and in every state in the country. We are open 24/7 throughout the year.

Alleviating your harrowing experience

When you car breaks down in the middle of nowhere on a road or on the highway, it will be a harrowing experience for you. However, you need not break into a sweat. Regardless of the conditions that have brought trouble to you, our service technicians will make sure that you get back on the road in the shortest possible period of time.

“Towing Near Me” Range of Services


  • Breakdown Car Services – Our car towing services will include all local towing, winch and recovery services, flatbed towing, truck towing and heavy duty towing.


In case of an emergency, we offer roadside car repair services that include:

  • Battery Charging, Battery Service and Replacement.
  • Jump Start.
  • Changing of Flat Tires and Repair.
  • Lock Out Services.
  • Gas Delivery service.
  • Vehicle Storage.
  • Fuel Injection – This is focused at improving the mileage from your car.
  • Minor repair to the body of the car.
  • Window glass repair.
  • Minor air-conditioning repair.
  • Transmission repair.

In-House Services

Our services will include everything that is connected with the breakdown and maintenance of all kinds of automobiles. We will help with fuel injection in order to reduce car emissions, resulting in higher performance. Our cooling system repair services are aimed at comprehensive cleaning with unique techniques that will help your car give a performance which is trouble free. We also provide preventive maintenance of your car.

The instant service provided by `Towing Near Me’ has been deeply appreciated by our clients. You can call us or browse through our website to make a note of the most important contact details you will require in times of an emergency on the road when you car breaks down and you need repair or towing help from us. If you need elaborate answers to your queries, call us today and our technicians will be happy to help you with anything. Call us and we will guarantee that you will always bank on us in times of trouble.

Why do you need `Towing Near Me’?


When you take your car out during the day, you will not be certain of what may go amiss. It is essential on your part to be sufficiently prepared. Call us and keep in touch with our service technicians. One of the most important reasons of calling `Towing Near Me’ is to get help when you need it the most. With our towing services, you would have peace of mind when your car breaks down in the middle of a road as a result of either mechanical or electrical malfunction. You will need our services to make sure that your car does not get stranded.


You will rely on us because of our:

  • Response Time Speed – when your car breaks down, you require a towing service that responds to your call within a reasonable time limit. Our track record is that we will be at the place of need within half an hour of receiving the call from you.
  • Car Care – Our towing service is aimed at your best interests. We are not interested only in maintaining the bottom line of our earnings but to care about how your car is handled. We are first concerned about making sure that you each your destination as early as possible. It is wiser that you do some preventive maintenance of your car on a regular basis so that it does not put you in trouble.
  • We are licensed – Our tow trucks and vehicles have the necessary license to carry out the towing services. You have to be alert that you do not hire a towing company that does not carry a license on its towing trucks as it is likely to put you in further trouble. We meet all the required standards of professional towing companies.


Towing Near Me’ is a towing service that is different from the rest of the service providers. Our car attendance service is unique as our trained technicians will be available to give you a helping hand instantly the moment you call us from the middle of nowhere.